About us

About us

Who are we?

“Mr.New” company for printing, publicity and advertising. Our headquarters is located in Qatar. We have a huge experience in printing, designing, and advertising. We employed our experience to provide a distinct and comprehensive package of services to meet the desire of our valued customers. Since 2017, our fascinating work started to speak for itself about the quality of what we are providing, and we won the trust of many customers in various fields.

You will find all what you need from the services of printing and designing in one place. With us, you’re on the right track as we provide you with what you need to achieve your goals. “Mr. New” is already a great march in the world of development. Always trust that our services will exceed your expectations.


We aim to achieve leadership in the world of designing, printing, and advertising based on the quality of our services. We also aim to spread our services on both local and regional levels.



We take care of the finest details that may affect our work. We provide all support to our employees in order for them to show their creativity as well as we support our valued customers throughout our comprehensive services.


  1. Continual development and set up specific mechanisms that work on developing creativity and innovation in our work environment to maintain what we have achieved.
  2. Attracting talented and qualified people in the area of our interest and working on the investment in human resources because of its positive countless effects.
  3. Satisfying our valued customers by following a work methodology that saves their time and finishing their services with complete perfection.
  4. Innovating solutions that save our customer’s time and effort, and considering quality standards in all services we provide.

Our values

Creativity, Our customers first, Endless development


Why us?

Because we combined the hard equation for you in one place; If you are looking for high quality and innovation at work, this is the approach we follow, and If you are looking for an appropriate cost and record time, this is our gift to our valued customers. Where Mr-New Company has achieved what pleases you and achieves your goals in addition to a number of features that make us your choice, such as :

  1. Professional experienced team that is working to support you and achieve your goals in a perfect way.
  2. A package of distinctive services we put together in one place to achieve results in a record time.
  3. Commitment to delivery times with considering all quality standards in order to achieve your goals and your satisfaction.

Our customers

We worked with a number of institutions, companies, and individuals in different areas. Some of them, for example, but not limited to: